Saturday and Sunday 11AM – 2:30PM

Brunch Menu //

the bennys

* comes with organic free-range eggs, hash browns and fruit

* traditional | 20

2 poached eggs, back bacon, toasted english muffin, hollandaise

* vegetarian | 20

2 poached eggs, vegetable fritter, chimichurri hollandaise, no muffin

* smoked salmon | 25

2 poached eggs, smoked BC sockeye salmon, toasted english muffin, herb cream cheese, capers, hollandaise

* crab  | 32

2 poached eggs, chilled crab meat, smashed avocado, english muffins, hollandaise, chives

and more

coal harbour breakfast | 23

scrambled eggs, fraser valley kessler ham, bratwurst sausage, smoked bacon, hash browns and fruit

huevos rancheros | 27

tortilla, chorizo, black beans, pico de gallo, feta cheese, avocado, cilantro

chicken n’ waffles | 25

buttermilk fried chicken, sweet waffle, sunny side egg, pickled daikon, sweet and spicy sauce, sesame seeds, greens

steak and eggs | 42

grilled sirloin steak, hash browns, 2 fried eggs, green salad, red wine sauce

croque monsieur | 20

sourdough bread, back bacon, bechamel, edam cheese, green salad

make it a madame | 3

ham and cheese omelette | 23

2 eggs, back bacon, edam cheese, green salad

braised short rib | 23

wild mushroom gnocchi, sauteed spinach, foyot hollandaise, 2 poached eggs, parmesan, topped with arugula


caesar salad | 21

romaine, caesar dressing, garlic crostini

signature salad | 25

mixed greens, goat cheese, summer berries, walnuts, white balsamic vinaigrette

cobb | 32

grilled chicken, tomato, avocado, blue cheese, hard boiled egg, bacon, white balsamic vinaigrette

the rest

avocado toast | 20

sourdough, smashed avocado, fire roasted tomatoes, pickled onion, radish, micro greens, side salad *vegan

burger | 25

8oz chuck burger, aged cheddar, bacon, raw red onion, lettuce, tomato, black ketchup, sundried tomato mayo, brioche bun,

served with salad  or  fries

plant-based burger | 25

smashed avocado, raw red onion, lettuce, tomato, served with salad  or  fries, on a gluten free bun  or  lettuce wrap

fish & chips | 30

two pieces of beer battered ling cod, fries, coleslaw, tartar sauce

prawn cocktail | 25

poached prawns, cocktail sauce, lemon


daily fruit plate | 15

ask your server for today’s selection

bakery basket | 15

croissants and assorted danish


Executive Chef Chris Andraza 

– taxes and gratuity not included

– menus subject to change with seasonal considerations

– cakes or other dessert items from outside sources will be charged at $3.50 per guest

– parties of 8 or more are subject to an 20% service and will be seated when the entire party has arrived

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