Cocktails //

rocks (2 oz)


smoke & mirros | 18

famous grouse smokey whisky, benedictine, aperol, lemon

the tash | 19

bombay gin, cazadores blanco, chartreuse, jasmine syrup, apple and lime juice

chamomile fizz | 19

akavit, st. germain, lemon and cranberry juice, egg white, chamomile syrup

cypress soda | 16

deep cove vodka, campari, earl grey syrup, dandelion and burdock, peychauds bitters

tall spicy red head | 15

lemonhart rum, cassis, falernum, lime juice, ginger, jalapeno, egg whites, persian lemon powder


no rocks (2 oz)


grapefruit bourbon sour | 18

Geoff’s twist on a classic, bulliet bourbon egg whites, pink grapefruit juice, bitters

orange wink | 21

grey goose l’orange, galliano, grapefruit & lime juice, simple syrup grapefruit bitters, orange zest

havana good night | 19

havana club anejo, grand marnier , falernum, pineapple and lime juice, angostura bitters

smokey pie | 21

mezcal, giffard ginger, apple juice, lime juice, egg whites, honey syrup, cinnamon, shelter point

the quill | 15

gin, akvavit, ice wine, blueberry tea syrup, bittters


mocktails for all ages


nine iron | 6

grapefruit and lemon juice, iced tea, fresh ginger

morning delight | 5

apple juice, mint & green tea, lime, gingerale

citrus note | 5

lemon, lime, cucumber, water

tropical flower | 5

pineapple, cranberry & lime juice, rosewater, soda




grapefruit sparkle | 16

gin, cointreau, cava, grapefruit juice & bitters, simple syrup

the rose petal | 14

cherry morlacco, aperol, cava, simple syrup, rose water, lemon

the nelly | 19

st. germain, benedictine, cava, lemon juice

cava colada | 16

malibu, cointreau, pineapple juice


summer chillers (2oz)


white sangria | 14

viognier, peach schnapps, blue curacao, pineapple juice, 7up

frost bite | 13

blueberry stoli, somersby apple cider, sunsetter, cassis, lime juice, simple syrup

red sangria | 14

cabernet, cassis, triple sec, orange juice, 7up

harbour iced tea | 13

dark rum, aperol, iced tea, lemon juice, honey syrup

berry spritz | 20

cassis, aperol, cava and a dash of soda, berries & mint


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